FAO Jeremy #Corbyn : my Q for #Cameron

November 23, 2015

In the Welsh Conservatives’ manifesto – and therefore the Tory manifesto as the [w]hole that it probably is [q guffaws of laughter from the Labour back benches] – there is a promise made to protect the funding of the only Welsh language television channel S4C, set up by your esteemed predecessor Lady Thatcher [whoops of derision from Labour back benches at this atrocious juxtaposition] in her wisdom [ apoplepsy]. Could the RIght Honourable Gentleman [i.e. Dave of Camoron] confirm that his Government to do everything in its power to conserve this rare Conservative legacy, or in fact will he take the de facto position of saying one thing before an election and doing the complete opposite once elected?

S4C does not produce programmes of its own – it is a broadcaster – and as such supports upto 50,000 people in the creative industries in Wales who are working in the private sector – and yet as it is supported by the Treasury, it is in the firing line for the same 40% cuts as every other public service – will the Prime Minister finally admit what the people of Wales have always known – that the success of the private sector that is so beloved by the Right Honourable Member [for Chipping Norton? Who he represents so beautifully] is in fact entirely dependent on a healthy, prosperous public sector?!



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