Mered yn Canu : Rhagor 'to!.

Near Penarth, apparently.

We Are Cardiff

Year three has been a year of milestones for We Are Cardiff – we hit 100k views of the website, we made a documentary film about Cardiff, AND WE’RE PUBLISHING OUR 100TH STORY! Read on and meet Stacey!


Okay, so I haven’t really fallen in love with ‘the’ Big Issue man.. In fact  I think it’s safe to say the single-girl-fairy-godmother has a vendetta for me (yes, there is such a thing).

Now I can only imagine how desperate I must’ve looked when purchasing It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken and It’s Just A Date, but hey, when you’re faced with being single for the first time in the 21st century, you need all the advice you can get!

In a quick relationship summary, my high school sweetheart is now my high school best friend’s sweetheart (didn’t see that one coming!) and the guy I traveled the world…

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Heno yw hwn te! Cayo. Caerdydd / in solidarity with Galicia – an event organised by Galicians


Cayo Arms, Cathedral Rd Cardiff presents the inaugral Galician session, Thursday 8.30pm sharp

as it says today on Facebook on the event itself :

Hi all,

It was a very sad night, it is a very sad day, and we seriously thought about cancelling the whole thing… but we are not going to.

If you are coming, please try to make it for 8:30PM sharp, when we want to pay our respects to those who were involved on yesterday’s train crash in Santiago de Compostela.

Years ago I was asked to play at a funeral in Galicia: a Galician emigrant who had lived for most of his life in Buenos Aires, had returned back to his homeland and died there. I went to his deeply saddened daughter and asked what she wanted us to play, offering a number of marches and solemn tunes, and she replied “No, no, no… Don’t…

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Pam nad yw’r Cymry yn ryfelgar?



Helais i pwt o’r isod i @leannewood tra’n ymchwilio am Iwerddon ac Adams ; dyma’r drafodaeth isod :

@dailingual : [14 July]

@ leannewood is national # culture the reflection of the politics, economics, values , attitudes, aspirations and thoughts of a nation?

LeanneWood ‏ @ LeanneWood 15 Jul
@ DaiLingual that’s a big question! Raymond Williams wrote reams about the definition of culture. I can’t answer in 140 characters…

Dai Lingual‏ @ DaiLingual16 Jul

@ LeanneWood good answer # fairdos (was paraphrasing Gerry Adams). I also went the # Williams route in my blog about it



Dw i newydd ddod i ben a darllen erthygl gan Gerry Adams (ie, yr un un), gan nad yw’n ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg gallaf aralleirio i esbonio ei fod wedi datgan (yn The Politics of Irish Freedom, 1986) mai’r iaith yw’r brif ffordd i adfywio…

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by the same auteur…horn-rimmed glasses on!


by John Clarke, Stuart Hall, Tony Jefferson and Brian Roberts

“The notion that Youth Culture was shrewd and ‘manipulating’ commercial interests, is captured indelibly by the following quotation from Paul Johnson, probably the least perceptive commentator on Youth, in a field distinctive for its bottomless mediocrity…”

Poor Paul Johnson.

As it’s mediocre at best, I won’t bother typing out what he’s said, you can search it out for yourself on p.19 of Resistance through Rituals (ed. Hall & Jefferson).

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this most startling of put-downs is present in an article with supposedly four authors – I wonder if it is the work of one man who didn’t want to put his name to such a strident view?

Somewhat ironically, most of the book is dedicated to the machinations of the underclasses and subcultures of East…

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Annwyl Gwyl Ffilmiau Bach,

congratulations on the film festival, as I mentioned when we met in Porters I had a good evening – particularly as I’d had a few beers with the Slay who was an excellent choice for the S4C Q & A.

However, I hadn’t mentioned that I did experience some social embarrasment during the Welsh films showing; to begin with, I was extremely uncomfortable that you’d seen it fit to have a comedian – Welsh he may have been but he wasn’t speaking Welsh – blather on inbetween the films. So when he asked me (from the stage) if I wanted to here some more ‘jokes’ or see the next film, I think I probably said that I was there to see the films.

This all followed your volunteer’s announcement / greeting “That’s what I call a turnout!” to the – granted – six or so of us who where there. The turnout reflected the Festival’s ability to draw a Welsh language audience as much as it did the nominee’s I feel – and you should now know that I’ve been putting on Welsh language events in South Wales since 2009.

I entered the comp not expecting to win, but expecting to make up the numbers (see my original email below) and to meet fellow filmakers. This proved to be impossible as the team you had in Moon Cardiff thought they’d have a break after showing 5 of the 6 Welsh language films (hence the need for a Welsh language MC, we weren’t there to take in English language ‘culture’ for that part of the day) – net result being that the Welsh language filmakers who were there wandered off, so there was no one actually to network with as they went straight into the next competition.

to make things worse, your “comedian” was having a cigarette break and said in front of everyone ” I couldn’t see the point in that film going on and on about the Welsh language”. I wasn’t going to deny being the filmaker as a nominee, so I challenged him on that and I was told to refer to you.

two points :

1) I didn’t nominate the film, I sent it in, I don’t know what it’s value is to someone who doesn’t speak Welsh, that wasn’t the intended audience

2) Why did you have people who couldn’t understand Welsh presenting the films? It honestly would have been better to do without anyone standing at the front belittling our lack of fans and our language.

That said, you had some good partnerships involved and doubtless I could probably learn a lot about the organisation/logistics side for the forthcoming Cardiffrinj am organising (see Cc and on twitter, facebook )

I do however know about Wales and its language, and for those two reasons I would be happy to meet to discuss possible co-operation going forward to improve both our festivals.

diolch yn fawr am y cyfle

D. Wyn Williams ———————————————-

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Gwell hwyr na hwyrach…

Ry ni’n gyfarwydd â Gary Slaymaker ar ein teledu wrth gwrs, a chydnabyddaf nad newydd newydd yw datgan fod y Bobs ar gael i berfformio yng Nghaerdydd eleni, ond cyn mynd ati i ysgrifennu’r datganiad geisiais ddod o hyd i :

Nia Melville – nid yw’r adar yn trydar heno, ta beth.

Ian Cottrell – yn ei gwpwrdd dillad dal i fod falle?

Y llall – sai’n cofio’r llall i fod yn onest.

Felly, beth allwn ddysgu o’r Bobs, a’r Slay? Sut i gadw proffil uchel dros gyfnod o 20 mlynedd a mwy am un peth! :

Mae’r Slay yn sgwennu nofel am fodau dynol sy’n cael bywyd wedi eu marwolaeth greda i…tybed ydy’r cyflwynwyr C2 wedi ystyried i le mae cyflwynwyr ieuenctid yn mynd i heneiddio?

Mae’r brand C2 yn heneiddio hefyd, 13 eleni. Ni’n lwcus i’w chael hi, cofiwch. Ond a oedd hi’n well yn hwyrach?

Mae’r Bobs, Olion Byw a Breichiau Hir yn chwarae nos Iau yma [Gorffennaf 11] yn Four Bars, lan grisiau Dempsey’s ar Womanby St (gyferbyn a Chastell Caerdydd)

Am gyfweliad neu am wybodaeth bellach, cysylltwch ar 07964 684 820 neu cardiffrinj

[ dai : ] lingual

Whatever happened to…

Cool Cymru?

There did used to be some Welsh culture, you know. In fact, the early 1990s were an incredibly fruitful time, when “Cool Cymru” was just an apple in your father’s eye.

The Super Furry Animals were had everybody’s coffee beans, Catatonia were embodied in a young band from North Wales and Gorky’s were Zygotic.

So whatever happened to the DJs who brought this music to the world?

A night on the tiles with comedian (and now zombie novelist) Gary Slaymaker has inspired a night of un-dead-ing the presenters of “hwyrach”, the series of late night BBC Radio Cymru shows who finally made Cymru cool.

First up, we’ve hunted down Huw “Bobs” Pritchard and forced him to perform at camera-point... Thursday 11th July @fourbarscardiff [upstairs @DempseysCardiff ] 8pm KO

For an interview with Huw “Bobs” Pritchard or for more information on @cardiffrinj ‘s #TwmpathMynIau please call 02920 707 469 or email dailingual .