Un wrthyn

March 24, 2016

To Whom it may concern

I am currently on hold with one of your colleagues having phoned back to make a complaint about your colleage who phoned me about 10 mins ago today (about 1pm UK time) to ask if my website was live.
After I pointed out that he could have google’d it, as he then said he wanted to know how I was getting on with the business package, I asked (for the 2nd time in six months) for some assistance with creating new content for my .cymru and .wales domains;
i.e. within my existing package, without using redirects can I create [for instance] dailingual.wales/special ?
He confessed he couldn’t help me, and while I was waiting for him to give me the number of someone who can ( he couldn’t put me through that might have been better) he said that I should try WordPress.
Interesting that he’s plugging your competitors?
He then muttered [audibly to me ” I wish he’d just put the phone down” so I asked to speak to his line manager. He then put the phone down on me.
When I phoned the freephone number I have on my landline for 1&1 someone said “Sales” and then said nothing further , listened to my complaint and has hung up on me too it seems.
As for wordpress, I will try that now: see https://monkeyseamonkeydoo.wordpress.com where you should be able to see a copy of this email for my records.
Both your colleagues today wanted to sell, neither of them wanted to help, which sums up your company pretty well.
Please be advised that I will be seeking compensation to recompense for my time on the phone today and writing this email when I could have been pitching potential clients – and I fully expect you to refund all my payments for 2016  so far on the basis of what you’ve just read.
Good day
Dai Wyn
ON buasai’n well gen i drafod materion busnes yn Gymraeg, diolch.

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